Crochet Fox Pattern

April 02, 2018

Hey there!

In april 2018 I finished my first crochet pattern for sell.
I created crochet patterns before but I made them for the books and kits which was sell on russian and ukrainian languages only.
I decided to make an english pattern for sell on Etsy and first toy I choose was a fox.

Meet her!

Honestly, I worked on this pattern during 3 month (crocheting the toy, writtening the pattern, designing a pdf file). I can't believe how long time it tooks. It was my first crochet PDF tutorial and I just learned how to make it. So, the design of PDF not very modern at this time. But I continue to learn!

The most important that the pattern is understandable and easy to follow. It also containes 42 step by step photos. It was tested by two proffesional crocheters. 

I made the foxes in the different kinds of yarn too. 
The first fox from a wool yarn  - Fibranatura Lima 100 g 260 m, hook 2.5 mm 

Then I made the fox with acrylic yarn - Kartopu Gonca 100 g 300 m, hook 2.5 mm

The third fox was crochet with a plushie yarn - Himalaya Dolphin Baby 100 g 120 m, hook 4.00 mm

As you can see the fox will be super cute from all kinds of yarn. 

If you want to make your own fox please visit my shop follow this link 

Thank you for attention! 
If you have any questions feel free to ask in comments. 

Another cute foxes by my sweet buyers:

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